Safety Airworthiness Engineering Limited (SAE Ltd)

What We Do

We specialise in the provision of expert airworthiness, air safety and engineering services to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the defence aviation sector.


Our Skills
Our team possesses skills across all airworthiness disciplines including:
- Type certification
- Airworthiness management
- Continuing airworthiness management
- Safety management
- Independent Technical Evaluation
- Risk-to-Life modelling
- Airworthiness organisational design
- Air vehicle / weapon / ship integration
- Military airworthiness regulation
- Strategic airworthiness programme management
- Sustainment solution development
- Sustainment system integration​​​​


Example Projects

​Our experts have direct experience of the following projects:

Lightning II Independent Technical Evaluation, Type Certification and Technical Support

Air Support platform airworthiness strategy development, including for the Sentinel, Sentry and Airseeker aircraft

US Army airworthiness management equivalence assessment and Certification for the UK Apache Delivery Team

Protector Unmanned Air System Independent Technical Evaluation and Type Certification support

Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA) (P8 - Poseidon) acquisition, airworthiness strategy and Release to Service support

Airworthiness and safety management regulation, policy and process development and support for the Defence Equipment & Support Airworthiness Team

MoD air domain strategic change management and cost reduction studies, including the DE&S Combat Air Change Programme (CACP). 

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Our Experience
​We pride ourselves on the strength of our team.  Our personnel possess a huge wealth of experience acquired in a wide variety of both civilian and military posts.  The breadth of roles our team has undertaken includes:

- Type Airworthiness Authorities (TAA)
- Engineering Authorities and Support Authorities
- Chief Design Engineers
- Military Airworthiness Authority Officers
- Squadron and Ship Senior Engineers
- MoD Acquisition Project Team Leaders


Characteristics of Our Service
The key characteristics of our service delivery are: 

- Ability to work at all levels (strategic and tactical)​
- A proven track record of delivery
- Innovative approach to solving complex problems​
- Agility, flexibility and responsiveness​
- Pace of delivery
- High quality products
- Experience of working with international stakeholders (e.g. NAVAIR, US Army, Boeing, General Atomics, Lockheed Martin).



​We place great emphasis on maintaining a strong team ethos that is underpinned by dedicated personnel that share common professional standards and values.  If you are looking for exciting opportunities to work and develop as part of our team, please contact us below to enquire about joining our associate cadre.   

Our Contact Details

Safety Airworthiness Engineering Ltd
​​26-27 Lower Woodcock Street
Castle Cary

Tel:  (+44) 07919 153 205
email: enquiries@sae-ltd.uk


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